The Sandow Giphoscope by OKKULT Motion Pictures

The Giphoscope n° 48 is an interactive sculpture displaying a 24 frames printed GIF excerpted by OKKULT Motion Pictures from Sandow, a 1894 Edison video. According to vaudeville historian Joe Laurie, Jr. Sandow - who was managed by Flo Ziegfeld - was ‘the greatest of the strong men and who received the most publicity’.

The Sandow Giphoscope has a brand new, redesigned hand-crank: we wanted to make it more functional and elegant, and all the new Giphoscopes will have a hand-crank like this one. The metallic structure in matte aluminum for the main components and a particular checkered aluminum for the ‘corners’. The support is available both in wood and marble.

The Sandow Giphoscope by OKKULT Motion Pictures is on sale. For further informations please contact us at
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The Giphoscope @ Big Boys Toys | Dubai, 3 - 5 oct. 2014

We are proud to announce our participation at Big Boys Toys, ‘the region’s premier lifestyle event, featuring the greatest, fastest, sleekest, most unique and luxurious products from an amazing lineup of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of luxury lifestyle products’.

We will showcase a very limited and prestigious collection of 10/15 redesigned and upgraded Giphoscopes, included a selection of works from world famous GIF artists.
Keep in touch for new updates and images.

Hope to see you there!
Alessandro + Marco
The Giphoscope | OKKULT Motion Pictures

The Chinese New Year Giphoscope

The Giphoscope n° 28 is a tailor made Giphoscope created for a chinese collector. The fireworks video was taken in Shangai with a smartphone, and we turned it into a sequence of 24 printed frames.
The Giphoscope n° 28 has a metallic structure in matte aluminum with ‘golden’ aluminum corners and hand-crank. The base/support is made of a rare 300 y.o. italian walnut.

The Giphoscope is entirely handcrafted in Italy and turns GIF and short videoclips into a tailor made, one-of-a-kind work of art.
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The Giphoscope Award | Making Of The Trophy

The construction of the Giphoscope Trophy won by GIF artist Micaël Reynaud is finally close to the end. The work took some days more as we decided to completely redesign the hand-crank and make it more elegant and finished.

The Giphoscope Trophy - marked as n. 47 -  has a metallic structure in matte aluminum and black brushed aluminum for the corners. For the support we selected a Black Marquina marble, to have an overall black and white look that matches with the GIF palette. We will post soon the official photoset.

The Happy Birthday Giphoscope

Are you looking for a unique gift for a very special day? Here’s The Happy Birthday Giphoscope. The Giphoscope is an interactive sculpture combining technology from the 19th and 21st centuries, and turns your GIFs or short video messages into a palpable, perpetual emotion.

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The Giphoscope | Neverending Love

Is the world dominated by virtual relationships? Is romanticism dead? Does true love exist? Well, here are some examples showing real feelings turned into a palpable, perpetual emotion. It’s the magic of The Giphoscope, the world first handmade analog GIF player: a one-of-a-kind, custom-built work of art to say I love you.

Send us your GIF or video message: we will turn it into a unique, handcrafted GIFt for the one you love, delivered in a beautiful, tailor made packaging.

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The Giphoscope Award - Update

Giphoscope are running a GIF competition this month for a chance for someone to win a handcrafted animation device. The entries will be judged by okkultmotionpictures, you-dot-gif, and myself.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of May (a week and a half away as of posting this). Entries have to be Tumblr-friendly uploads: 1MB at 500 pixels wide, or under 2MB at 400 pixels wide (it’s worth checking if they work by saving them as a draft first).

The Giphoscope is designed to display 24 frames, but submissions with an equally divisable number within this limit can also be submitted (such as 12 frames or 8). If your entry wins, your animation (without it’s file size restrictions) can be used to produce it.

Also worth noting is the winner can choose between traditional wooden or the recently announced marble stands.

Some entries to the competition are featured above, including GIFs from zwian, omniscient-duck, Nicolas Boillot, and twistedwillowblog.

More can be found out at thegiphoscopeaward Tumblr blog here

The Giphoscope Award | Update from Prosthetic Knowledge